today is pretty depressing day for me. but there is no merit in write and publish this. why am i doing that? i actually want consolation from other people. although i pretend i don’t.. but any consolation from any person will not make me happy now. so this is bit irony.

have you seen humanity has declined? i’m saying about anime. i can’t say that anime is worth watching to other person or that anime will be interesting experience to other person. simple thing. for me, i felt interesting thing at that. why? if you ask, i can’t exactly explain. i thought author of that was very talented.

overcoming nature instinct can be pretty difficult. i always feel that.

fate.. i can’t change my fate. all i can do is just appreciate and find beauty at every tragic thing.

thinking will not give answer because there is not any answer.. i’m just, very lazy person. although i’m not laziest person in this world.. oh, that just makes me even more lazier! shit!

i wonder what should i write. i’m not very interesting person.. sometimes i read books. i like and hate people. i don’t like loud things. i occasionally watch anime. i like cashmere and silk’s touch. what should i write? maybe i can write about anime because i have twitter account which mainly interact with people who likes anime.

i think this universe is interesting place. maybe i’m bit chuuni. i wish i was smarter.

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weather is nice today. spring is coming. hello visitor. nice to meet you on this shiny beautiful day.